The Lost Cartographers: Alt.Country/Americana band from Chicago


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What they're saying about Walk On:

"One of our favorites of the year!" Jayson Tanner, The Wrecking Ball Radio Show

"The quintet displays a showcase of Americana highlights that has been matched by only a small list of new and upcoming artists over the past few years... On the whole, these songs draw memories of a female-fronted Wilco circa A.M., combined with the electric organ the band has featured particularly in their most recent work. Overall, the timbre of Lost Cartographers combines both the old and new of Wilco's alt-country, folk, and Americana influences... What stands out most on this record is not the Americana feel itself, however good that may be. Instead, lead vocalist Gabrielle Schafer shines through at all points, as her sound falls somewhere between the vocal essence of Natalie Merchant combined with a slight country-twang, reminiscent of Jenny Lewis. - War on Pop [read more]

"With three songwriters, none of which overwhelms the band aesthetic, there’s plenty of diversity and a lot of strengths as the band attempt to make their mark... They are particularly strong when the voices of Gabrielle Schafer and Erin Fusco join in harmony, sounding like fellow Chicagoans Freakwater on ‘Goodbye Ohio’, ‘Proposal’ or ‘Love in the Morning’." - Americana UK [read more]

"'Walk On' conjures up memories of Lucinda Williams poppier efforts [while] 'Killing Time in Nashville' is as good a country song as I’ve heard in many years... 'Hudson River Teenage Blues' would make the Handsome Family proud... 'Big Old House' is so honest and desolate you wonder if it’s written from personal experience. In my humble opinion it’s certainly good enough to be recorded by Faith, Reba or even Dolly in the near future." - Maverick Magazine (UK)

"The band recently completed their debut LP, Walk On, a strong collection of 10 original songs built on a solid alt-country foundation. What's most refreshing about the album, though, is that it proves they aren't content to stick to a single formula... The result is a memorable debut that will appeal to more than just fans of Americana and suggests a promising future." Chicago Examiner [read more]

"Proof that real rock and roll is still alive and kicking." Roots Rock Radio

"Local Americana band THE LOST CARTOGRAPHERS play rustic indie rock that references the finer aspects of country music's past. Featuring the intricate keyboard work of ERIN FUSCO and the lovely, at times forlorn, vocals of GABRIELLE SCHAFER, the CARTOGRAPHERS are simultaneously affectionate and nostalgic." - Flavorpill

"Filled with country, bluegrass, folk, jazz and rock." Rockford Register Star